A Honeybee Revolution


It is widely known that the devastating problem of Colony Collapse Disorder that is facing millions of bee colonies all over the world is a huge problem, a problem that needs fixing now. There is hope however there has been a recent increase in the amount of backyard bee keepers doing their bit to help fight this problem.

Many bee keepers are trying their best to keep their hive as natural as possible and are doing away with many artificial factors such as medications and sugar water feeders. Beekeepers are using much more gentle techniques and in a way are letting the hives do the thing that instinct tells them to do.

One huge plus to having a natural hive is that it is fairly cheap to do. It is much easier to build a hive in this style than say the Langstroth Hive which can be quite costly and time consuming. Using a natural hive is a way that many people can afford to take part in bee keeping.

Keeping bees may seem like a silly hobby to many people out there but if you consider the fact that bees make 30 percent of the world's food possible, you can see why so many people are concerned about the future of bees. People who keep bees not only get themselves delicious honey, but more importantly they help keep the population going.

While the swarms that have been spotted in Albany may be scary, it is important to know that a bee swarm is not really that dangerous thing. As they have nothing to protect the bees natural state is actually quite nice and calm. If you ever see a bee swarm there are actually people you can call who can capture the bees and start a colony using them, so if you ever spot one it is worth looking up on-line if there is any one in your area who can take care of them. With so many people getting involved in back yard bee keeping you would actually be doing the world and the bee community a great service in reporting a swarm to someone who can take proper care of it.