Bee Pollen and Menopause - Basic Facts


According to women, researchers and health professionals, bee pollen and menopause often go hand in hand - in a positive and productive manner. According to statistics, women typically have a longer lifespan than men. In all actuality, this is considered to be quite surprising considering all of the physiological changes that the female population must endure. Examples of these changes include menstruation, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, giving birth and in the later years of their life, menopause.

Based on research, a female typically lives up to ten years longer than men. While women experience many changes that may prove to be exceptionally challenging throughout their lifetimes, there are many ways that they may face these transitions a bit more easily. One of the ways is by utilizing bee pollen. In this guide, you will learn how this natural substance may be highly beneficial to a female experiencing the physiological changes associated with menopause.

The Nutritional Composition of Bee Pollen

In order to effectively understand the benefits associated with pollen that is derived from bees, you must first understand the nutritional composition associated with the substance. It comes from an assortment of pollen that accumulates on the body of the insect as it travels. In addition to this, the substance often contains saliva from the insect that it has been found on. It is a known fact that pollen includes numerous vitamins, an assortment of minerals, a wide variety of lipids, high amounts of protein as well as carbohydrates. The following outlines the most beneficial nutritional products in the composition of the pollen that is beneficial to a female experiencing menopause:

  • A couple of different fatty acids have been discovered in the substance. The first is Omega 3, and the second is Omega 6.
  • There are several minerals contained in pollen that are present in high levels. Examples of these substances include iron and zinc.
  • There are several substances from the Vitamin B nutrients present, which assist in optimizing energy, as well as vitality as a whole.
  • There have been several unique amino acids discovered in the pollen derived from bees. These include those that are identified as the "Branch Chain Amino Acids" or the "BCAA".
  • In addition to the B Vitamins, other vitamin groups are included in the substance. Examples include those from the A, C and E groups.
  • Many other beneficial nutrients are present in the pollen. Examples of these include both bioflavonoids as well as phytoestrogens.

Menopause at a Glance

Based on research and studies conducted by medical professionals, it has been established that menopause is exceptionally challenging to women. The symptoms associated with the condition are considered to be both unpredictable and trouble some. It is in this transitional period that a female's ovaries stop the process of producing eggs.

Bee Pollen for MenopauseThe body then starts to produce lower levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. The menstrual cycle starts to occur less frequently, until it ceases to occur completely.

This is considered to be a natural part of life for a female and most often occurs in the early forties or mid-fifties.

There are numerous symptoms that occur when menopause occurs. The following highlights the most common that are considered to be trouble some by females:

  • Many experience temperature fluctuations in their body and symptoms that are related to those fluctuations. Examples include hot flashes, sweating profusely at night, and the flushing of the skin.
  • It is common for many of the symptoms to result in the onset of sleeping complications, such as insomnia.
  • Many women may suffer from aches and pains that are highly uncomfortable. Examples of these include headaches, achy joints and other types of aching such as abdominal cramps.
  • Cognitive and psychological complications may start to occur when a female experiences the change. Examples include becoming forgetful, experiencing mood swings, suffering from depression and even experiencing moderate to severe anxiety.
  • There are many challenges that occur that may be directly related to the reproductive organs and other related body parts. For example, a female may suffer from vaginal infections, painful intercourse, and even find that they do not respond to sexual stimulation in the same manner that they did prior to the onset of the transition.

How Bee Pollen Assists with Menopause

In evaluating menopause and bee pollen, it is important to understand that the substance helps the sufferer in numerous ways.

First, it assists in enhancing the energy levels of the female experiencing the complications associated with the change.

Second, it assists with the cognitive functions of the female, such as memory.

Studies have concluded that the nutritional substances contained within the substance are exceptionally beneficial for balancing the fluctuating hormones that occur during menopause. As a result of the natural balance of hormones, a female will experience fewer complications with the symptoms that are often considered to be troublesome.

Many women that take bee pollen for menopause find that they experience higher levels of energy once their body adjusts to the product. Low energy levels have been found to produce symptoms such as irritability, depression, immune deficiency, and anxiety.

There is a constant level of enduring stress on the body as the psychological and physiological stress starts to occur during the change. While menopause is mostly physiological in nature, it also impacts a female heavily psychologically. Bee pollen is an effective supplement in assisting in the regulation of chemicals in the brain and reducing the amount of stress that the body is under in a safe and natural manner. Visit benefits of bee pollen for women for a more detailed discussion.


Bee pollen and menopause seem to go hand in hand as far as the treatments of the symptoms are concerned. While there are numerous treatments available for women experiencing the change of life, bee pollen seems to be effective and productive in numerous ways. While it is true that menopause is distressing in numerous ways, it is also true that women may discover the relief that they need in order to overcome the symptoms associated with the condition. Bee pollen and menopause are an effective combination for coping with the often troublesome symptoms associated with the transition.