Bee Pollen for Hair Growth - Enjoy Longer Healthier Hair with a Bee Pollen Supplement


While bee pollen is known for many of the positive reactions it can have on overall health and bodily functions, many are not aware of the benefits it can provide to hair. Whether you're dealing with grey hair, you're trying to regrow hair, or you simply want to enjoy healthier hair, it's a good idea to learn more about bee pollen for hair growth. Here is some helpful information on how you can add bee pollen supplements to your daily diet for healthy, beautiful hair.

L-Cysteine Boosts Healthy Hair Growth

How can bee pollen help with hair growth? One of the main components of bee pollen that can help with better hair growth is something called L-Cysteine. L-Cysteine is an amino acid that contains sulfur and it is a very important amino acid for proper hair growth. It actually bonds together with other proteins in the body to form the shaft of the hair and these bonds make it extremely important when it comes to hair growth.

When you take bee pollen for hair growth, you'll actually find that the L-Cysteine helps to increase the hair shaft's diameter, providing you with fuller and healthier hair. For those dealing with hair loss, this is very important, since it can make thin hair look fuller. It also can help to prevent problems with hair after applying hair color. Hair will be less likely to break and fall off when you strengthen the shaft with the L-Cysteine in bee pollen.

Vitamin A Offers Faster Hair Growth

Another thing to consider as you look at bee pollen for hair care is the vitamin A found in the bee pollen. Vitamin A is an important vitamin to the body and it's important for healthy hair as well. First, this vitamin works to lubricate the roots of the hair, which helps to keep the area from drying out and leading to more hair loss.

You'll also find that the Vitamin A in bee pollen can help to protect the nerves in the scalp. These nerves are important because they need to get the signals from the brain that tell it to produce even more hair. Vitamin A builds up around these nerve fibers to help keep them protected, leading to better hair growth.

Vitamin E Enhances Circulation to the Scalp

Bee pollen also includes another vitamin that is crucial to hair growth - Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an essential part of the bee pollen for hair growth treatment. This vitamin works to ensure that the capillaries that are in the scalp grow and are supported with enough blood flow. With proper blood flow to the area, a result of Vitamin E, hair damage and dryness can be repaired.

Oxygen is extremely important for circulation throughout the body, including to the scalp. Once again, Vitamin E works to ensure that the body takes in enough oxygen to increase circulation, helping to stimulate more hair growth. Even the immune system is improved by Vitamin E, and a strong immune system is needed to support bodily functions, like hair growth.

Other Important Nutrients that Contribute to Hair Growth

Nutrients for Hair GrowthL-Cysteine, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E are not the only important nutrients that are found in bee pollen that make bee pollen for hair regrow effective. Here are some of the other important nutrients included and how they can help provide healthier hair.

  • Vitamin B3 - aids in healthy scalp circulation.
  • Vitamin C - helps to maintain healthy skin as well as hair.
  • Iron, Vitamin B12, B6, B5, and Copper - Help to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss from occurring.
  • Calcium and Magnesium - help to stimulate hair growth.

Will Any Bee Pollen Product Do the Job?

Beautiful and healthy hair is possible when you take bee pollen for hair growth. Not just any bee pollen supplement will provide these results though. The supplement that we have tried and that we recommend is Xtend Life Natural Energy. This company adds special enzymes to the pollen that help it to better release the properties that aid with hair growth and other health benefits.

Bee pollen is frozen by Xtend Life as soon as it is harvested, which preserves it without eliminating any of the nutrients it contains. When quality is a must, and it is when you're choosing a bee pollen supplement, Xtend Life is a company that we trust, since they employ such conscientious practices to provide the best supplement possible.