Bee Pollen for Weight Loss


Bee pollen products can be profoundly helpful in weight loss programs. They don't melt belly fat or make you happy to subsist on 500 calories a day, but they complement diet and weight loss programs in ways that help you lose fat while you retain or even increase muscle. Here is why.

Bee pollen for weight loss works when diet is combined with exercise.

Bee pollen, especially bee pollen collected in Greece, is scientifically demonstrated to have profound anti-inflammatory and pro-synthetic effects in muscle. After exercise, muscles rebuild themselves with the help of a proteasome, an enzyme the body makes from the amino acid threonine that "clears out" damaged muscle fibers so that newer, thicker, and stronger muscle fibers can take their place.

The process of building up muscle takes a lot of glucose and amino acids out of the bloodstream. For about 2 hours after working out hard enough to "test" muscle strength, the muscles are 50 times more sensitive to the action of insulin. They take in glucose and water to rebuild their own stores of the energy storage molecule glycogen, and they also take in amino acids to build new muscle fibers.

If you are dieting, this is a very important action. The sugar your muscles use to replenish themselves cannot be converted to triglycerides and fat. The amino acids they take in to rebuild their sarcomeres, or muscle fibers, won't be broken down into sugar and acidifying ammonia, as excess protein from food often is.

The proteasome accelerates this process. And bee pollen, in the form it appears in most bee pollen products, increases the activity of the proteasome.

In this way, bee pollen increases muscle mass and protects muscle mass. Muscle burns more calories than almost all other tissues than the body (except the brain, which has the greatest energy demand of all the organs in the body).

Bee pollen, Greek scientists showed in 2011, assists muscle growth, and increases the value of exercise in losing weight.

Bee Pollen for MuscleIf you were to go to a review website such as Consumer Lab, you would probably find a review critical of the use of bee pollen for weight loss, based on the report of a report of two studies done in the 1970's and reported in the New York Times. The critical reviewers will then conveniently state that they cannot find the original research.

For the Greek pollen study, however, not only does the research exist, it is available in full text on line for free, at the website for Chemistry Central Journal. To be fair, the study focused specifically on Greek bee pollen products, and we cannot unequivocally assume that the results apply to bee pollen collected anywhere else. (Most bee pollen is collected in China or Turkey.)(You might be also interested in reading: review of zi xiu tang bee pollen for weight loss) However, you can make your own test.

Here is what you need to do.

About an hour before you work out, take capsules of bee pollen.

Two or three hours later, take another. Don't change anything else about your workout routine. See if you don't gain more muscle and lose more fat, assuming you are restricting calories.

And if you aren't doing your part by eating less, you may still be able at least to gain more muscle instead of fat.

There really aren't any healthy weight loss programs that don't involve eating less, exercising more, or both. But if you are putting out the effort both to cut calories and exercise, bee pollen can help your body create more muscle as you lose fat. It's as simple as that.

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