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Bee pollen is one of nature's best kept secrets. Used for millennia as a nutritional supplement and beauty aid, it was described by the ancients as the 'food of the gods' and reserved for those who were especially honored. But in spite of its rich mythological history, bee pollen has the scientific seal of approval as a rich nutritional supplement. Stop in here to find out everything you ever wanted to know about bee pollen. Find out how it was made, about how it is collected, about its health benefits and the forms that it can be stored or taken in. Change your life by learning about what bee pollen has to offer.
Bee Pollen Health Benefits - RSS
Bee pollen can lay claim to being one of the most beneficial natural substances on the planet. Packed full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids, bee pollen has a great deal to offer those who include it as a regular part of their diet. From the treatment of allergies to strengthening the heart and liver, bee pollen can work to increase your health, vitality and well being. But it isn’t just your insides that benefit from bee pollen, learn how bee pollen can also be used to increase your beauty. Find out more!
Honey - RSS
Even without being pasteurized or processed, honey is the perfect sweetener. It makes everything it touches taste better. But did you know that honey has some pretty amazing health and beauty benefits as well? Add it to bath and beauty products to improve your hair, skin and nails, or add it to special foods to increase your sexual potency and virility. There is a reason that honey has always been considered not only to be an aphrodisiac but also a food of the gods.
Royal Jelly - RSS
Collected from sap flows on trees and from tree buds, bee propolis is probably one of the most amazing products that a hive produces. From sealing up the cracks to keep out the elements to preventing microbial parasites from entering the hive and taking up residence and doing harm, bee propolis is an amazing substance. Even more amazing are the many things that it can be used for when treating medical conditions, conditions such as fighting viral diseases, treating asthma, reducing swelling and irritation as well as any other of a dozen phenomenal uses.