Bee Propolis Side Effects You Need to Know


Propolis is a sticky substance used by bees along with wax to build their hives. In certain tests, it shows antimicrobial and other useful benefits. People use the bee propolis to take advantage of these benefits. This does not mean though that there are no risks of you suffering from propolis side effects as you try it.

List of Possible Side Effects

  • You need to avoid applying propolis topically applied around the eyes, because it could bring on a reaction. Eyes easily react to any substance, which you have sensitivity for, this is why to stay away from the eye area with propolis.
  • Throat lozenges that have propolis in them cause irritation to occur in the mouth and even mouth ulcers in some cases. The tongue may also be affected in this case.
  • Prolonged use of propolis causes some individuals to develop allergic bee propolis side effects and symptoms, and to develop other allergies.
  • Skin rashes and other signs of allergy may happen either with taking the bee propolis supplements or by using the topical products containing this substance.
  • Children under the age of 1 should not take or use bee propolis (in any form including extract or tincture) or honey. Their systems are tender and may have strong reactions to these natural substances.

How to Start on Bee Propolis

Begin taking bee propolis in small amounts

You need to start taking bee propolis in very small quantities until you see if you have an adverse reaction. In addition, it is wise to take days off from supplements just to let the system rest. This is an ideal way of not overloading your body with more than you can handle.

Who Doesn't Need to Use Bee Propolis

People who are allergic to bees or bee products should not use bee propolis. This will avoid them suffering any side effects from propolis capsules or other products containing this substance. You can try it if you do not have any of these allergies, but go slowly as we mentioned above.