Bee Pollen Provides Certain Benefits for Animals


Bee pollen is beneficial for animals just as it is with humans, according to some experts. Experts such as Juliette de Bairacli Levy though, request people not to use honey and related products, but only because the bees are over stressed due to many environmental conditions and infections today. However, many people and experts are still turning to bee pollen and other honey products to relieve their pet's ills. It is important to find quality bee pollen.

Local Beekeepers

Local beekeepers are one of the places to get quality bee pollen and other honey products today. You can also buy bee pollen under different brands such as Dr. Harvey's Bee Pollen for Dogs and Cats or Winners Bee Pollen for Horses. You can add these things to your pet's food or give it to him for a treat. Dogs, cats, birds and horses are among the animals that are helped with these sweet products.

Is Bee Pollen Safe for Dogs and other Animals?

Allergies to bee pollen are quite rare in dogs and other animals, but it needs a gradual introduction into the animal's diet. An example of this is to give a dog a few raw granules of bee pollen in their food on the first day. You can slowly increase the dosage over the next few days, if there is no adverse reaction. The normal dosage for every 50 pound of dog is 1 teaspoon of granules. Bee pollen also comes in tablets, so check with your veterinarian for further dosage advice.

Bee Pollen is Beneficial to Animals in Many Ways

Bee pollen is beneficial to animals because it is an effective source for:

The body absorbs it quickly because about half the protein requires little or no digestion.

Why give bee pollen to animals? The answer is simple. The bee pollen is a great multi-vitamin supplement and provides the animals with certain minerals. Many say that it also improves vitality and energy, speeds up the healing process, fights off infections, and could even keep cancer from occurring. Bee pollen also makes your animals stronger, give them more stamina and improve their level of performance.

Bee Pollen Provides Additional Benefits for Birds

Bee pollen makes the plumage of birds fuller and more vivid in color. It also is a beneficial treatment for the problem of birds plucking their own feathers.

How to Feed Bee Pollen to Animals

Dog Food

You add the bee pollen right to your animal's food. Dogs even love it put in some organic plain yogurt if you feed your dog yogurt. It is effective placed on the cat's food or mixed in with the horse's feed. It makes an excellent treat on top of an effective supplement. Bee pollen also comes in some blends of bird food.

It is easy to see why you should feed bee pollen to your animals. You want your pets as healthy as they possibly can be.

Questions and Answers:

Q - Why is honey so precious today?

A - Bees are stressed right now due to environmental conditions and infections occurring.

Q - Is bee pollen safe for dogs and other animals?

A - Dogs and animals could have an allergy to bee pollen, but this is only a slight possibility. You need to start with a lower dosage until the reaction of the animal is observed.

Q - What is the correct dosage for dogs?

A - The right dosage for dogs is 1 teaspoon per 50 pounds of weight.