Bee Pollen Benefits the Skin


Cream containing bee pollen is effective at diminishing wrinkles a bit each day that it is on the skin, according to European scientists. Wrinkles happen over time as the skin ages, so having a cream like this available to you, helps keep your skin more youthful looking by smoothing out the texture of your skin.

Scientists know that many times the skin is malnourished, and that is why wrinkles and other signs of premature aging show up on the skin. The skin with the right care though, springs back to life with a new fresh look and feel. European scientists searched for the right food or solution to give the skin its nutritional needs. Their diligent work in the lab resulted in proving bee pollen is effective for feeding the skin the valuable nutrients it needs.

What is in Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen contains a large number of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and enzymes along with other elements. The skin needs them all to be healthy and glowing. These nutrients help provide benefits of bee pollen for skin care routine you and others follow.

Cold Processing

The production method used to make the cream is important to its effectiveness. The best method to make bee pollen cream is cold processing as no nutrients are lost as with heat processing. Heat processing destroys too many vital nutrients.

Bee Pollen Reaches Deep into Skin's Layers

The bee pollen cream soaks into the deeper layers of the skin as well as the surface skin. You can feed your skin overnight to rejuvenate it. Bee pollen cream soaks in deep enough to help with many skin conditions and problems. A cream that penetrates as deep as possible is of more help to the skin.

Swedish Laboratory Tests

Lars-Erik Essen M.D., a dermatologist in Sweden conducted laboratory tests on bee pollen cream. He found this cream effectively delivered nutrients to the skin. The effects of the cream were more dramatic on the facial skin, where the smoothing effects lasted for hours after the application of the cream.

Bee Pollen Granules and Cream are Effective Treatments for Acne

Cream for Skin

Dr. M. Esperrois with the French Institute of Chemistry believes that bee pollen helps reduce the effect acne has on the face. He states that taking or topically applying bee pollen will suppress this unsightly and unpleasantly problem that you and many others have. It rejuvenates the skin, because it contains large quantities of nucleic acids DNA and RNA. These provide an antibiotic effect.

Wound Healing

Wound healing is another important area of skin care. Raw honey applied to open wounds and sores speeds up the healing process. A study reported in the British Journal of Surgery stated that raw honey containing pollen helps wounds close faster because of inhibine, which has the power to kill bacteria and the ability to dry the wound. The study tested raw honey on 58 patients, who had antibiotic wounds. Raw honey was topically applied on the wounds.

Other Information on Bee Pollen

  • Some people are allergic to bee pollen, if you have bee or pollen allergies, it is best to avoid it.
  • You need to take small amounts of bee pollen at first. Your system may need some time to get used to all the enzymes and other elements in bee pollen. One granule at a time in the beginning and then slowly increase.
  • Bee pollen needs to be refrigerated, so it retains all of its nutrients. The granules should not come into contact with heat, because heat destroys nutrients just as it does in other foods.


A bee pollen dosage may vary from product to product. The ideal dosage for an adult is around one teaspoon of granules a day.

Famous People

Some famous people such as Hedy Lemarr, keep their skin looking young and vibrant by eating a healthy diet and using bee pollen cream on their skin. You can enjoy the benefits of bee pollen cream just like these famous individuals. It just takes a small investment of money and time to do the right thing for your skin. Proper skin care is vital to keep your skin as youthful as possible no matter how old you are.