Can Bee Pollen Cure Impotence?


One of the most common questions that retailers of bee pollen products get is whether it can cure impotence, more commonly called ED (for erectile dysfunction) in the United States. There is real value of bee pollen products for some men who have an issue with impotence, and there is a very specific reason most men don't know about it.

Who Buys Which Natural Products for Impotence

When I was working for a national retailer of herbal supplements, our bestselling products were always those for erectile dysfunction. The company I worked for had an unusual claim to fame for its male sexual formulas. Our company advertised that its herbal formulas contained the male aphrodisiac yohimbine. Unlike the products sold by our competitors, our products actually contained it.

What I learned very quickly about selling herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction, however, was that even if you offered one of the few formulas that really worked, the men who used it were not the men who bought it.

About 80% of our sales were to wives and other women whose relationship to the user we really did not attempt to establish. About 20% of our sales were to Roman Catholic priests, who always told us they offered it couples in counseling. We didn't ask a whole lot of questions about that, either.

The simple fact is, if you are not the man who has the issue with impotence, you might think that the cure has to be penis-related. More often than not, it is another "plumbing" issue or it is an issue with the relationship.

We don't do relationship counseling here. We can help you sort out the issues regarding ED.

Why Men Need Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

One way of thinking about the problem of erectile dysfunction is that it has to be something wrong with the way the cavernus cavernosum, the collection of blood vessels in the shaft of the penis, either fills up with blood or keeps blood inside to become erect.

The usual analogy is a flat tire. If the tire is never filled up with air, it never is firm and round. If the air valve leaks, it won't stay up.

Drugs like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are work in ways that fill up the penis. The herbal chemical yohimbine works to tighten the valves that keep blood inside long enough for an erection and sexual intercourse.

If that's the problem, you don't need bee pollen. You either need a prescription for the little blue pill, or you need a genuine source of yohimbine. The reason men may do better with the herb than the drug, assuming they are getting the real thing, is something I'll explain in a page called Why Some Men Need Yohimbe for Erectile Dysfunction. And if you are man who has type diabetes, you really might need to be taking alpha-lipoic acid, which I'll explain in more detail in a page I've entitled Why Diabetic Men May Need ALA for ED.

The lover in your life might assume that your erectile dysfunction is really penis-focused. But for many men, the problem starts elsewhere in the plumbing.

Prostate Problems and ED

I can't point to a study that proves this, but I believe that many men who are getting medications for ED really have prostate problems.

I've always been amazed that young men and older men tell me their life stories on this issue. I won't repeat those stories here, but I will say that the guys who buy sexual support products tend either to be:

  • Younger, very sexually active until it all came to an abrupt halt, and probably suffering a bacterial STD, or
  • Older, suffering waning sexual prowess over a period of years, wanting to be sexually active and probably suffering benign prostate enlargement.

Bee Pollen for Impotence Either way, the prostate isn't conducting urine or making semen as well as it's owner wants it to. The sex partner only sees that the penis isn't erect and nags the man to get the little blue pills. The man himself knows its something else. Reducing inflammation in the prostate can help with both problems (nagging and ED, at least after a few weeks and a few positive experiences). And bee pollen can be pretty useful for that.

What Scientists Know about Bee Pollen for the Prostate

There have been about a dozen clinical studies of bee pollen for treating prostate problems. Most of them involved the use of a prescription herbal drug called Cernilton. (Outside of the US and a few other English-speaking countries, it's not unusual for health insurance to pay for quality herbal products.) Cernilton is most similar to enzyme-treated bee pollen products like the one made by Xtend Life. It's not a raw bee pollen product.

There is reliable scientific evidence that Cernilton improves urine flow and "quality of life" measurements. Guys, if you can't pee, starting up your urine flow is definitely going to improve your quality of life. But just how much sex is involved in "quality of life" is not really something the makers of Cernilton worked on. The studies just say that that area of life was better, not exactly how much.

So, Should Men Use Bee Pollen for Impotence?

I'll answer that question with an unequivocal maybe. Here's what will really help.

  • If the problem is lack of desire as well as lack of erectile power, start with yohimbe. If you have the real thing you don't need to take it like a fiend. Taking it "ahead of time" by an hour or two is best. You don't need yohimbe every day unless you plan to have sex every day, or several times a day.
  • If you are a type 2 diabetic, start with alpha-lipoic acid. R-lipoic acid also works but when it comes to treating ED, the main difference between alpha-lipoic acid and R-lipoic acid is that you will pay a lot more for R-lipoic acid. Be sure also to take a B-vitamin supplement that includes biotin.
  • If you know you have prostate problems, too, start with bee pollen. And if you eat a high-fat, low-nutrition diet, start with a product that contains quercetin (for fighting inflammation) and minerals (for prostate health, making urine flow easier and increasing semen production). There are two good formulas for this. One is the beta-sitosterol product by New Vitality, but it's more about getting urine flow going again than it is about enhancing semen production. The Male Support formula by Xtend Life does both.

There is a whole lot more I could tell you about this topic but this should be enough to get you started down the road to a happier sex life.