Chinese Bee Pollen: Pollution at its Worst


When you are looking for a weight loss supplement that contains natural bee pollen, you will find lots of reviews telling you that their products are the best. This includes a product called Zi Xiu Tang which is manufactured in China.

A lot of people who have taken this product and other Chinese bee pollen diet pills products are happy with the loss in weight that they have achieved, although a few people have admitted to experiencing some side effects when they take the supplement. This and other products have been receiving a lot of praise from the reviews, and you might possibly be tempted into buying it without researching it thoroughly. However, it really is important that all the facts are researched thoroughly before buying Chinese bee pollen products.

First up, you must find out the source of the bee pollen and the method that is used to preserve it. There is no information on the Zi Xiu Tang website and some other Chinese bee pollen websites regarding this reference, but it does say that the pollen is Chinese. We assume that means it was harvested in China.

This should be a warning to any potential customer, as everyone knows that there are dangerous pollution problems in China and that it is a very heavily populated country. This means that there is an overload of contaminants in China’s atmosphere. This will result in the contaminants seeping into the bee pollen and affecting its potency and purity.

Nothing is said about how the bee pollen is preserved on some Chinese bee pollen websites. Surprisingly, a lot of people are not too fussed about knowing such details, but it is actually quite relevant when deciding on which product you will use.

A lot of manufacturers will subject the pollen to high temperatures after harvesting. This can quickly and ‘conveniently’ dry the pollen for processing and storage. However, when it is heated like this a lot of the nutrients within the pollen will be neutralized. This subsequently reduces any nutritional value in the substance.

Unless it specifically states that a freeze drying method is used in the preservation, it must be assumed that the manufacturers indeed use heat. Heat is the normal method that is used by most of the manufacturers all over the world.

Chinese bee pollen that is exported to Europe and the US often has contaminants from farming and pollution. There is a serious pollution crisis in China. This can be seen in the way that its people constantly wear masks. The winds carry the pollution from cities to outlying districts. Because of this, traces of heavy metals and pesticides are regularly found in the pollen right across this country.

The bees will actually fly great distances so as to get only the very best pollen. They are extremely fussy little insects, and because of this the pollen source has to come from pristine areas that are sometimes hundreds of miles big.

Another danger with Chinese bee pollen is in having no proper regulations, and the quality of the pollen that is exported varies enormously. Basically, from here on it is one big gamble. While this could improve, unfortunately the pollution problem will probably get worse. For more information on Zi Xiu Tang, we suggest you read our page discussing this company in more detail.

Consumer Spotlight:

Soil, air and water pollution cause more than half of the deaths worldwide. To maintain good health it is so important to choose bee pollen supplements from unpolluted environments.

Every year, air pollution and soil pollution will kill three million people, and in the US alone about three million tons of deadly chemicals are let out into the atmosphere and environment.

I have prepared a buyer’s guide that is dedicated to finding bee pollen supplements that are sourced from unpolluted environments.

I recommend that anyone should read it before purchasing their bee pollen or other health supplements.