Honey for Treating Diabetic Foot Wounds and Other Conditions


Honey provides many healing properties to the body. Current study results found honey effective for treating pain, inflammation, gastroenteritis and even diabetic foot wounds.

Dr. Kamran Azim in Pakistan stated these views in a lecture he gave at the Prof. Salimuz Zaman Siddiqui Auditorium recently. This lecture was all about the beneficial qualities of honey as they pertain to diseases common in Pakistan.

Role of honey in treating and preventing illnesses

Dr. Azim conducted quite a lot of research on this subject over the last 10 years. He states that his findings back up the history on the role natural honey plays in treating diseases and preventative health.

The honey used in Pakistan is from Oriental or European bee colonies who gather nectar from a variety of plant species. Honey will vary in medicinal qualities depending on which plants it is produced from and where said plants are located. In addition, the flavor and color of the honey will be different between the various kinds.

Honey has had many studies performed over the years and not all the health benefits for it have yet to be pinpointed. Pakistan produces quite a bit of honey each year that is said to be worth about one billion rupees. Honey is used by many countries as an alternative medicine.