Honey Heals Better than Betadine


Forty-five patients were part of a study held in AIIMs at the Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center to discover if honey is better at healing wounds than Betadine. The patients were divided into two groups with 22 in one group treated with Betadine, while the other group had 23 people in it and was treated with honey. There were 2 people that opted out of the study though once it started and a 3rd one could not be followed up on, so in the end, there were only 42 people.

The honey had any impurities removed using gamma rays. This honey came from beehive amongst neem trees. The study only lasted six weeks.

Honey and Betadine

Faster Healing with Honey

The patients had bandages applied on alternate days with Betadine or honey according to Dr. Manish Singhal. After 14 days, it was amazing to see that the ones treated with honey showed a more rapid recovery rate. The doctor said the healing rate of honey was four times that of Betadine.

More research is planned and the ethics committee has already approved it. This may uncover yet more facts about the healing powers of honey.