Honey Protects against MRSA Infections


Patients having surgery for cancer in the neck or head area in Liverpool received applications of honey on their wounds to see if it prevents infection. This sweet liquid used along with traditional wound dressings in an attempt to prevent the sometimes-fatal MRSA. This trial was conducted by Dr Val Robson.

Honey Contains Antibacterial Qualities

The fact that honey has antibacterial qualities is not new. This is because of it having a low water content, is high in sugar and contains a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide.

The Results of Testing

A 36 percent reduction in infections among the patients who received the honey for wound dressings occurred. In addition to this reduction, their stay in the hospital was 25 percent less on average.

The Type of Honey Used

The trial used Medihoney, also known as Leptosperumum honey. This is made of Manuka honey, which is known to have additional healing power compared to other honeys.

The hospital successfully lowered its rate of MRSA infections by a huge 80 percent in the last 4 years. This study was small, but produced promising results. Plans for a larger study are in the works.

This means that money can be saved on using honey for wound dressings. In addition, patients will not have to stay in the hospital as long to heal.

Honey is also used in treating foot wounds. Read here more about it.