All about Bee Honey - Benefits, Side Effects and More


It is truly amazing that something as delicious as honey could be made by such a small creature as the honeybee. But as delicious as honey may be, it is not just something tasty to add to your coffee or holiday recipes, it has also long been known as a beauty aide; as something that can be added to body creams, shampoos and soaps to help enhance the health and vitality of your skin and hair. But how is honey made? How much honey can a bee make in its lifetime? Everything you have ever wanted to know about honey you can find out here.

Honey Contains Antibiotic Properties

Does honey have antibiotic properties? Honey has been known for its healing power since ancient times. However, it has just been recently that researchers have pinpointed why it has its antibiotic properties.

Honey Is a Healthy Tonic

The phytochemicals in honey provide medicinal benefits for the body. There are many ways to add honey to other beneficial ingredients to make a health tonic.

Use Honey Correctly in Your Daily Diet

How to use Honey - Dark aromatic honey is very beneficial to your daily diet when consumed correctly. Remember to use it in place of simple carbohydrates though, instead on in place of fruits and vegetables. This way, you will get the true benefit from it.

Opposing Views about Honey Being Safe to Give Infants

It is widely recommended that honey is not ideal to give to infants until they are at least 1 year old. However, we give a fair view of the two sides of this issue here. It seems there is not enough strong evidence to recommend that honey is of danger to infants.

Honey for Burns Treatment and Relief

Many treatments for burns exist, but many are not that effective and some can cause burns to become more severe. However, honey is extremely beneficial for healing burns with no unpleasant side effects.

Honey May Provide Relief for Asthma

Honey provides relief from allergy and asthma symptoms according to many. There are various remedies that include honey for this purpose. Studies are mixed on proving this fact.

Is Honey Good for A Hangover?

There is nothing worse than a hangover the next day after drinking alcohol the night before. Honey is found though to be an effective hangover aid.

Health Benefits of Honey

The health benefits of honey are numerous. It can do anything from wound dressing to being an effective preservative. Scientific studies prove these benefits.

Honey Bee Facts

The European honeybees originated in Africa, Asia and Europe. It is thanks to the honeybee that we can still enjoy a naturally pure food source that is derived from this little miracle of nature.

What's Special about Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is known as the medicinal honey.It is a potent antibacterial honey.

Honey and E Coli

E. coli infections are once again in the news. In the latest outbreak in Germany, a new strain of especially virulent E. coli has killed several people and caused severe illness in 1,500 more.