How Honey Helps a Hangover


Is honey good for hangovers? Honey is beneficial in fighting the effects of a hangover according to the Royal Society of Chemistry.

This is because of the fructose that is found in it. For those who for some reason do not eat honey, golden syrup is recommended in the place of it for the fructose it contains.

However, back to honey, which helps the alcohol breakdown in the system in a less harmful way than without using it.

Why Hangovers are Uncomfortable

Hangovers are uncomfortable, because of the way the alcohol breaks down in your body. It first turns into a substance called acetaldehyde, which has toxic effects on the body according to Dr. John Emsley, who is with the Royal Society of Chemistry.

He goes on to state that alcohol creates the euphoric feeling associated with drinking it, while the acetaldehyde is what causes the unpleasant hangover symptoms.

As stated above, alcohol is converted into acetaldehyde and this is what causes the nausea, possible vomiting and headache suffered in a hangover.

The acetaldehyde does convert into fructose, which the body then processes into acetic acid. This acid is then burned off by the body and changed into carbon dioxide. Your lungs expel the carbon dioxide from your body once you exhale.

Honey For Hangovers - How Honey Helps

Honey helps with a hangover in part because it provides sodium and potassium to your system, which helps it deal more effectively with the alcohol.

In addition, it provides fructose that helps your liver more readily metabolize the alcohol into your body, thus ending the hangover period faster.

Total prevention of a hangover is only possible by not drinking alcohol. Honey alleviates some of the symptoms, while time takes care of the rest.

Other Hangover Tips from Chemists

  1. Drink a glass of milk prior to a night of drinking alcohol.
  2. Eat honey right after an evening of drinking either from the jar or in the form of honey sticks.
  3. Drink light colored alcohol such as gin or vodka. These do not have the natural chemicals the darker ones have that can cause certain problems for you.
  4. Scatter non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks in between the alcoholic ones. This keeps you system from taking in more alcohol than it can comfortably metabolize.
  5. Drink a glass of water prior to going to sleep after you drink alcohol.

Honey Hangover Remedy

Some people find that a bit of honey on toast or bread is enough to cure their hangover. However, some need a bit more help than that and should follow the instructions below:

Spoonful of Honey for Hangover:

Spoonful of Honey

Upon waking, take 2 to 6 teaspoons of honey and continue this dose every twenty minutes according to how severe the hangover is.

At breakfast take another 4 teaspoons. This calms the effects that the alcohol has on the body and removes any cravings there are.

Alcoholic beverages satisfy the natural cravings your body has for acid similar to what tea and coffee does.

Remember, that honey provides fructose for the body to better deal with metabolizing the alcohol you enjoy drinking.