Manuka Honey Industry under Siege


The reason the fake honey is showing up more and more is the high price the real active manuka brings in the ever-growing nutraceutical market. Honey producers, in Chile are now selling they honey throughout the world as active saying that it contains all the healing and heath characteristics of the true manuka honey that is at present being utilized for making highly effective wound dressings.

However, this is a fake product Chile is selling. It is of concern to John Rawcliffe from the UMFHA (Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association). Fake manuka honey is being touted as "active" and is being marketed in large amounts in many countries.

This is a hot topic that is similar to two years ago when the producers of manuka honey in New Zealand were arguing for the science behind the active manuka honey and fighting for the right to mark the honey in some manner as to instill consumer confidence.

Rawcliffe does not want to return to those troubled times. However, UMFHA members who produced almost three-quarters of the manuka honey are in great spirits after finishing a regime of testing and certification to show consumers and retail that the honey with the UMFHA is a quality product no matter what the fakes are doing.

There are plans to land the markets in Singapore and UK including testing labs established to verify that the manuka honey containing the UMF label is up to the standards it is marketed for being. Other plans are also being worked on in Japan and China.

The UMFHA cannot police the situation as far as the fakes go, but it can help safeguard the manuka market. It could use more government support in its efforts. While it may not be able to get solid support for its UMFHA labeling, it would be great if the goverment would enforce regulations and laws pertaining to labeling.