Parasitic Flies Threaten the Honeybees


Parasitic Flies Killing Bees

A discovery made last year about bees were dying because of parasites infecting them was made. This discovery came from California in an area where honeybees have hives. Researchers discovered these bees, which have zombie-like behavior, according to Professor John Hefernik, who works at the San Francisco State University as an entomologist. The bees suffered from an infestation of the phorid fly Apocephalus borealis.

Behavior of Zombees

The behavior they portray earn these bees the nickname of Zombees. These Zombie Bees or Zombees act erratically to the point of flying off from their hives in the evening hours when they usually stay together where it is safe and warm. They die out in the cold night air typically under some type of light source. The eggs of the flies laid inside the bees and in about a week, they hatch and the pupae come out of the dead bees bodies around the head according to Hefernik.

Destroys the Hives

This action of leaving the hives at night is destroying the hives and endangering the lives of honeybees. The scientists need the public's help in locating how wide spread this problem is. They have asked people to keep watch for the Zombees disoriented behavior.

Colony Collapse Disorder

This is important to finding out how large of a problem these parasitic flies actually are. So far, California and South Dakota report that commercial hives see some infestation with these flies. Researchers are trying to discover if this parasitic fly is the reason for Colony Collapse Disorder that is known to make the honeybees leave their hives in the evening hours.