Potentiated Bee Pollen: What Exactly is It?


You might be wondering what potentiated bee pollen exactly is. When it is in a natural state, the bee pollen is enclosed inside a shell wall. Even though it can be chewed quite easily, it is unable to be broken down completely within your digestive system. Your digestive system usually finds it difficult to break down the shell wall and reach the minerals and vitamins that are locked within the pollen. Bee pollen that is properly potentiated will eliminate that problem. If the pollen is properly preserved during the process of potentiating and if it is also freeze dried, then up to 85 % of the nutritional elements will be absorbed into your system.

Powerful Nutritional Content

Bee pollen boasts no less than twenty-eight minerals, twenty-seven vitamins and also the full gamut of amino acids that include naturally occurring antioxidant properties, all helping to deter free-radical damage and strengthen your immune system. In a nutshell, oxidants cause aging. Bee pollen possesses powerful antioxidant properties.

When they potentiate bee pollen, they basically pop it open (just like popcorn!) This means that more nutrients are made available within the bee pollen for easier assimilation. It is actually quite a simple process, even though pollen granules are really small.

The Difference between Potentiated Bee Pollen and Un-potentiated

The difference between potentiated bee pollen supplements such as capsules and ones that are not is quite significant. Because of the potentiated process, up to 85 % of all the health advantages of the bee pollen will be released.

When using bee pollen that has been potentiated, all of the benefits of this supplement are released. Reviews state that almost 95 % of the nutritional factors in bee pollen will be lost when it is not potentiated and not being appropriately freeze dried! Even though potentiation is a fairly simple process, it can make quite a difference between inferior bee pollen supplements and useful ones.

Here is my quick rundown of the health advantages of potentiated bee pollen:

  • Eliminates nutritional deficiency
  • Slows down your aging process
  • Facilitates weight loss
  • Increases your stamina

When you choose a bee pollen product that has been potentiated, you want to make sure that it really has been through this process. You also want to know that the manufacturer that you have chosen is reliable.

I have a guide that gives you a step by step approach to finding a company that is both reliable and honest. I recommend that you take a look through the bee pollen buyer’s guide that we have set out for you before you start taking bee pollen.