Information on Propolis


Propolis (bee glue) is a resin that is contained in bark or buds from certain trees and other plants. Its color can vary depending on which source it comes; dark brown is the most common color for it. The bees use this in their hives to seal various parts of their hives. People use this substance too for its medicinal qualities.

This substance at cool temperatures can be brittle and hard, at warm temperatures above 68°F it becomes sticky. This keeps them safe from intruders. The bees also use this substance to prepare the chambers where the queen lays her eggs. It has an antiseptic quality that helps make the hive more hygienic. This is not just for the beehives today. People have found how useful it can be for medicinal purposes. It is beneficial to the immune system, for one thing. A person ingesting this will be less at risk for:

  • colds
  • viruses
  • sore throats

This is especially true in the winter months.

Propolis in history has treated all sorts of ailments including fever and inflammation. It has many of these same uses today. It has antibiotic qualities without any of the nasty side effects that the prescription antibiotics have. This substance is effective on those bacteria that are resistant to prescription antibiotics.

Bee glue can treat colds sores, genital herpes and wound cleansing. It makes an effective mouthwash for stimulating healing after oral surgery. Propolis is also an effective remedy for minor burns. Skincare products can have this substance in them today.

It is easy to see why so many people use propolis today. Look into other important facts about this substance. It is fascinating to learn about, you may just find out how it can help you. Many are rediscovering natural remedies today. You can be among these people with a bit of effort.

Propolis Offers Benefits for Oral Health

Propolis has been used for many years for its medicinal qualities. It is even beneficial for a person's oral health.

What Effect Bee Propolis Has on Herpes

Propolis has antiviral and antimicrobial qualities. It is effective for treating herpes simplex along with conditions. In many cases, it is a safe alternative to drug treatment.

Bee Propolis Benefits

Bee propolis is thought to have many uses and benefits. However, most of the evidence for the usefulness of propolis is anecdotal. For their optimal health, people sometimes take propolis products as a general supplement for nutritional health.