Pure Bee Pollen: Being Aware of Pollution


Pure bee pollen has been called nature’s superfood. It might seem strange talking about pollution together with bee pollen. After all, bees collecting pollen is a natural occurrence. The environment in which the bees gather their pollen though, is vitally important, especially with regards nutritional content. Where the bee pollen is collected as well as how it is collected has quite an impact on the pollen and its nutritional value.

The Quality of the Environment

Quality of bee pollen depends on the quality of environment

Bees collect the pollen after selecting the pollens from various flowers. These busy little workers then carry this pure bee pollen back to the hive. What people do not realize, and probably do not even give a second thought to, is how the environment in which the bees work and live will affect the quality of their pollen that they collect.

Contamination of Bee Pollen

The hardworking bee is probably the most industrious worker found anywhere on earth. However, if all that pollen that they collect is tainted with any number of chemicals that blow over from the adjacent farms that utilize chemical fertilizers or are near heavily polluted areas such as industrial areas, exhaust ridden cities and major highways, then the nutrients in the pollen could be lowered. The nutrients will probably be compromised by the harmful effects of pollutants and toxins that seep into the different flowers that the bees collect pollen from.

Large corporations usually focus on getting as much bee pollen as possible

There is also the issue of large corporations who collect the bee pollen. These large corporations focus solely on getting as much bee pollen as they can. This means that they probably do not care how the product is obtained. In other words, the more pollen that they collect, the more tidier profits they will make. This could mean that the bees are harmed and even robbed of their food they desperately need for surviving the winter.

Collecting Pure Bee Pollen in a Sustainable Way

The effective and safe way in which pollen is humanely collected is by means of a device that is put just inside the entrance of the hive. The device will collect little bits of pollen from the bees as they walk across it. In this way, the bees also have pure bee pollen for themselves and will not be traumatized or physically harmed. This will be a sustainable method that has been used for collecting the pollen and ensuring that enough is left over for the bees.

Bee Pollen Pure

For about the last one hundred years, bee keepers have been experiencing colony losses from mites, bacteria as well as other pathogens. Problems like these have been sorted out with miticides, antibiotics and other pest management. The losses are then slower and also expected and the bee keepers are able to limit this destruction. However, this latest mass die-off is frighteningly different as it is almost instantaneous. There is absolutely no warning whatsoever of the approaching collapse. There has been speculation that genetically modified fields or crops could be playing a role in colony collapse disorder or CCD.

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Pollution Levels in China

Pure bee pollen supplementation mainly comes in granules or capsules form, but most of the brands are of lower quality and might even include impurities that could cause harm to your body. A lot of Chinese bee pollen products include toxic substances such as insecticides and heavy metals like mercury.

The pollution levels within China have increased tremendously due to industrialization and the growing human population. China also possesses very little regulation, which only makes the problem worse. It is therefore of vital importance that you choose a bee product that is pure and from a reliable source and which gives you optimum benefits.

Choosing a PURE Bee Pollen Supplement

Pollution threatens all forms of life. It is a sad fact that bee decline is linked to the contamination of land. Always remember to choose a bee pollen supplement that has been sourced from an environment that is unspoiled and unpolluted. Our bee pollen guide gives you a more thorough discussion with regards choosing a pure supplement.