How Royal Jelly Affects Fertility


Does Royal Jelly Help Fertility?

Royal jelly is a substance that a worker honey bee produce in glands located in its head. It is thought to have many health benefits including helping to boost female and male fertility. Not many human studies on this subject performed up until now, but there are animal studies, which point to royal jelly being a possible answer to fertility problems in humans. Unless you have an allergy to bees, it is safe to take royal jelly and fertility may become a past problem if you do.

Study on Male Fertility and Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly increases fertility in rabbits

A study performed in Egypt and published in Animal Reproductive Science in August 2010 examined how royal jelly influences the male fertility of rabbits. 24 rabbits either received a dose of placebo or allotted a specific dose of royal jelly as per their body weight at a rate of one time weekly. Levels of testosterone rose as high as 143 and the motility of the sperm improved as much as 18 percent. The rabbits' ejaculation volume went up by as much as 36 percent and the output of the sperm soared to as much as 65 percent.

Study on Female Fertility and Royal Jelly

A study in the Animal Reproductive Science June 2006 issue examined how royal jelly affected sheep fertility as compared to a placebo. The conception results in the sheep receiving the royal jelly were much higher than those sheep receiving the placebo. This result points to the same possibility for human females. Royal jelly may affect the estrogen levels in women.

Causes for Trouble Conceiving

Many things cause trouble with couples conceiving. Women not having enough folic acid can lower their chances as a lack of arginine causes men to have a lower than desired level of sperm. Both of these substances are in the royal jelly, so it makes sense to take royal jelly for fertility.

You need to consult a doctor to make sure there are no physical reasons that you are having trouble conceiving before trying the royal jelly. If you are allergic to bees, do not take this jelly, since it is made by the bees.

Signs of Allergic Reactions

Watch for signs of allergic reaction, when taking this jelly for the first time. If you experience facial swelling, breathing problems, itching of the throat, rapid heartbeat or any other unusual symptom, call you doctor immediately and do not take any more of the jelly until you go see him.

Nutrients in Royal Jelly

This jelly contains a high content of B vitamins, 12 percent protein, about 15 percent carbohydrates, about 6 percent lipids along with 17 amino acids, which include all of the 8 essential ones. It is rich in hormones for all sorts of benefits. It also has about 15 percent of aspartic acid, and this in vital to the growth of tissue, and regeneration of cells and muscles.

If you are having fertility issues, ask your doctor about taking royal jelly.