All About Royal Jelly


Royal jelly is the ultimate product of a bee hive.  Unlike honey (which all the bees eat) or bee pollen (which is fed to all of the larvae as they are growing), royal jelly is fed only to queen bees. Their exclusive food during their entire adult lives, royal jelly significantly increases a bee’s longevity and fertility.

When bathed in royal jelly a bee larvae shows a significant growth spurt, causing the larvae to become larger and stronger, and the health benefits of adding royal jelly  to your diet include things like sexual vitality, increased energy, fighting viral and bacterial infections as well as helping to lower lipids and cholesterol.  You can find out everything you need to know about royal jelly here.

How Royal Jelly Affects Fertility

Does royal jelly improve fertility? Royal jelly offers many health benefits including a boost in fertility. Animal studies point to the effectiveness of it.

Royal Jelly Benefits

People enjoy taking Royal jelly supplements because of the many benefits that it is presumed to offer us. What remains a mystery though, is the complete chemical makeup of royal jelly. Efforts to recreate this natural product within a scientific lab have not been successful.