What is Bee Pollen - An Overview of Bee Pollen


What is bee pollen? Many people are asking this question and wondering why there is such a buzz surrounding bee pollen supplements.

While most people know that pollen comes from flowers, most are not familiar with how it is collected, what it contains, and how it can benefit humans.

To further understand bee pollen and why it makes such a great supplement, here is a presentation of important facts that will give you a better understanding of bee pollen.

Bee Pollen - What is It and How is It Collected

So, what is bee pollen and how is it collected? Pollen is a tiny particle that is considered the flower's male seed. It is very small and is formed right on the end of the blossom's stamen. Bee pollen specifically is pollen that bees have gathered from these flowers.

The gathering process of the bee pollen is actually quite difficult. Honeybees use their legs and jaws to help scrape off the loose pollen and a bit of honey is used to help moisten it just a bit. Special combs on the bee's legs are then used to brush the pollen into the pollen baskets, which hold the pollen.

When you wonder, what is bee pollen made of, it's important to note that bee pollen cannot be created in a laboratory.

Researchers have tried to feed bees manmade pollen and it has resulted in the death of the bees. This occurs because while researchers have identified many elements present within bee pollen, other elements added by the bees have not been identified.

The Nutrition of Bee Pollen

It's important to look beyond simply "what is bee pollen" to find out more about the nutrition that it has to offer. Research has shown that bee pollen actually contains all essential components needed for life, since it is actually a complete food.

The pollen collected from bees is rich in vitamins, free amino acids, and complete proteins. Some researchers have even gone as far to say that this pollen provides a better source of vitamins than any other single food out there.

Nutritional deficiencies are quite common today; however, bee pollen is being used extensively to treat these problems, since it has all nutrients that are needed.

Many people are now using supplements of bee pollen for health and nourishment, and all the nutrients provided in bee pollen provides a variety of great health benefits.

The Many Benefits of Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen

Now that you understand what is bee pollen and the nutrition of bee pollen, it's important to take a look at how bee pollen can benefit humans.

Research on bee pollenhas uncovered so many excellent health benefits that it is difficult to discuss them all. Here is a look at just a few of the benefits you can enjoy by adding bee pollen to your life.

What Does Bee Pollen Do For the Body:

Infertility Issues - One of the benefits of bee pollen is that it works to help overcome infertility issues for both men and women. For women, the pollen can help to stimulate the function of the ovaries. Eggs are better able to withstand incubation periods as well when bee pollen is taken.

Facts also show that bee pollen can help provide more sperm and more viable sperm in men as well. Click the following link for a more detailed discussion of bee pollen and impotence.

Increase in Energy - Bee pollen is also known to help increase energy levels in humans.That is why bee pollen known as a sports food. In fact, studies have been done on athletes that show that their performance is significantly improved by taking these supplement.

Strength and stamina are both improved and it also helps to increase metabolism, which also provides more energy.

Healthier Skin and Bee Pollen For Acne- Studies done on bee pollen have also shown that consuming bee pollen can lead to healthier skin. After all, all the right nutrients are needed to keep skin healthy. Use of bee pollen can provide you with healthier, smoother, and younger looking skin. It can even help to treat problems with acne.

These are only a few of the many benefits bee pollen can offer. What is bee pollen? It is an excellent health supplement being proven to aid in many areas of human health. Exciting new research is showing that bee pollen may also help to lower cholesterol, help fight cancer, treat anemia, and more.

Finding A Superior Bee Pollen Supplement

You may be interested in trying bee pollen now that you know what it really is. Keep in mind that choosing the right supplement is essential to enjoying all these benefits. Wehave tried one product ourselves and we would definitely recommend it to others. The product is known as Xtend Life Natural Energy.

A good bee pollen supplement should only contain high quality natural ingredients. Natural Energy by Xtend Life has no contaminants, toxins, additives, or fillers in it. In fact, every batch made by the company is tested to ensure no contamination has occurred.

You also want to ensure you avoid heat dried bee pollen, since the heat can eliminate many of the nutrients found in the pollen. Xtend Life uses freeze drying instead to make sure you get bee pollen that still has all the original nutrients it contained when they harvest it.