YS Organic Bee Pollen - The Certified Organic Bee Pollen Product You Can Trust


If you live in the Midwest of the USA, there is a good chance you could have seen a traveling display by YS Eco Bee Farms. Since 1995, the makers of YS Organic Bee Pollen have been educating the public about bees and how to manage them in sustainable ways. Working with organic beekeepers in the US, Canada, and Brazil, YS Eco Bee products show their quality in a very obvious way.

YS Organic Bee Pollen granules and capsules are sold from refrigerated cabinets. You're advised to keep them under refrigeration, too.

Most bee pollen products are stored in warehouses and on store shelves. There is a lot of antioxidant power in bee pollen. It keeps bee pollen fresh.

But do you really want your bee pollen's antioxidant potency to be spent fighting the effects of light, heat, and bugs, or do you want it working for you? That is the big difference in YS Organic Bee Pollen. If you buy YS Organic Bee Pollen products online, they won't be shipped to you on ice packs, but they will lose only a tiny part of their antioxidant potency as they are shipped to you by expedited delivery.

For maximum potency, order fresh, raw pollen capsules.

For ease of storage, order dried bee pollen in capsules.

The dried bee pollen concentrates the antioxidant power of the bee pollen increasing the benefits of each dose.

If you are looking for an easy way to get a complete range of minerals in your smoothies and sports drink, order YS Organic Bee Pollen with Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley & Wheat Grass. You'll get all the minerals your body needs plus just enough of certain amino acids to keep your system alkaline.

And for an after-work out drink, dozens of reviews confirm that you should buy YS Super Sports Bee Pollen Powder with American ginseng and eleuthero. These herbs help the immune system fight the infections that plague athletes who work out hard. After a tough match or an intense workout, the immune system produces more white blood cells that cause inflammation than white blood cells that regulate inflammation. The result is that, if there is colds virus or a MRSA virus in the locker room, your immune system is going to produce inflammatory symptoms in abundance to fight it.

When you take eleuthero and American ginseng, the immune system still fights infection, but helper T-cells tone down the inflammation so you don't get the sneezing, wheezing, and phlegm or the itching, oozing, and pus. These adaptogens added to bee pollen help your body stay in great shape after all your hard to work to get in great shape.

There is no higher quality American-made bee pollen product than YS Organic Bee Pollen. Try all the products in its line for their special benefits for active, healthy people.