Bee Pollen, Honey, Propolis and Royal Jelly: Nature's Perfect Foods


IslandWhat would you do if you were stranded alone on an island? It would be prudent to scurry about in search of flowers. Look for flowers with bees buzzing about. Why? Because bee pollen is nature's perfect food!

"Stranded alone on an island", is an old ice-breaker, party game. We admit to taking a liberty. The game lets you chose one item to take with you. For survival sake, we gave you a clue to find food.

This is our way of showing, not telling that bee pollen contains super nutrients. Bee products have positive effects on your energy.

What else could provide complete fuel for the body? This wonder food contains every single amino acid. Amino acids are vital nutrients needed to foster proteins. Proteins build our body's cellular structure.

Honey BeeNature's most perfect food is a mixture of flower nectar, pollen and bee saliva. During famine years, people have thrived on it! Unless you're stranded on an island, we don't recommend trying this at home. We highly suggest supplementing your healthy diet with honeybee pollen products.

Have we sparked your interest? Great! Let's explore why and how adding bee pollen and other bee products to your daily regime will help your health.

We Populate the Island

Let's populate the island. We'll call you Man One. Are you lonely? Let's fix that. Man Two pops-in to from wherever he was. Both of you just turned 50.

One or both of you have a disturbing 60% chance of prostate problems! Enlarged prostate can cause appalling discomfort. This makes bee pollen extract all the more valuable. It can totally reverse prostate enlargement.

Bee StrongYou'll expend a lot of energy running around the island to gather food and water. Pollen from honeybees is proven to heighten and sustain energy. Athletes and bodybuilders swear by it.

Men can get seriously vain about their hair. Melanin is the pigment that colors skin, retina and hair in humans. As we age, the body naturally slows-down its production of melanin. Treat your whole body with pure bee pollen. It is proven to delay and/or reverse melanin deficiency.

Shall we make it interesting and invite the Woman? She just arrived on an air balloon. The poor thing isn't much to look at. Woman is pudgy and her skin is saggy.

Man One – run and grab the precious pollen. Soon, Woman's skin will shine with a natural radiance. Wrinkles will disappear like magic. Pounds will melt away. The raw bee pollen will regulate her metabolism. Also, it will control her appetite (and yours).

Fat or thin, this super food corrects chemical irregularities in your metabolism that would impede weight gain or loss. Talk about positive effects on energy!

Supposing you don't get "found", Woman will breeze through menopause. She will barely realize symptoms like bloating, hot flashes and irritability. Just keep on gathering her daily pollen from the teeny pouches of honey bees.

Woman gets filled with life-sustaining energy. She decides to explore. Man One and Man Two go off to gather pollen. Everybody is healthy and happy.

Woman returns at sunset. She is holding hands with a teenage boy.

The first thing you notice about Boy is a terrible case of acne. Bee pollen to the rescue! Skin issues will reduce breathtakingly quickly and even resolve. The pollen ingredients will detoxify his body on a cellular level.

Angry BeeOne day, Boy takes off to investigate the island. Boy gets back. Oh, the poor dear is lobster-like. He must have been a city dweller. See how the island sun baked him. Boy itches with heat rash.

Boy confesses to robbing a honeycomb from its hive. Angry bees stung him. More bee pollen is the curative for life's little annoyances.

Before the island population explodes big as Texas, we have places to go. We have facts to gather.

We Gather Facts

FactsTo learn something new, we must gather facts. From facts, we can arrive at a conscious conclusion.

How can bee pollen and other bee products enhance our personal health?

We know this wonder food provides ultra-energy. We've touched on some conditions it can cure.

Here is a snapshot of pure pollens nutritional content:

  • Antioxidants – protect cells from oxidative damage. Modern research suggests oxidative damage may cause aging.
  • Proteins – build new tissue and repair damaged cells. Create hormones and enzymes.
  • Minerals – body maintenance and regulatory functions.
  • Carbohydrates – provide essential energy for brain and nervous system.
  • Enzymes – catalyst for proper digestion.
  • Vitamins – regulate and energize metabolism through enzyme systems.

Fact: Scientific studies focusing on athletes show bee pollen sustained energy and endurance. Honey bee pollen is considered among the most complete foods. It contains almost every nutrient we require to nourish and enhance quality of life.

Now, let's look at good stuff. What are positive health benefits from bee pollen extract?

We Explore Benefits

  • Suppresses appetite to encourage weight loss.
  • Stimulates appetite to promote weight gain.
  • Serves as antibiotic.
  • Reduces chronic fatigue.
  • Speeds recovery from chronic illness.
  • Heightens and sustains energy levels.
  • Aids in reducing symptoms of menopause.
  • Improves sexual dysfunctions.
  • Heightens libido.
  • Supports immune system.
  • Expels harmful toxins from body.
  • Helps control asthma.
  • Desensitizer of pollen allergies.
  • Promotes longevity.
  • Clinically indicated as anti-inflammatory for prostate conditions.
  • De-flames skin conditions, such as eczema, diaper rash.
  • Inhibits cancer cells.
  • Protects against radiation.
  • Builds blood cells to control anemia.
  • Relieves joint pain.
  • Stops bleeding.
  • Resolves constipation and/or diarrhea.
  • Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Heals ulcers.
  • Helps varicose veins.
  • Ends painful urination.
  • Improves night vision.
  • Increased memory retention.

Man's Best Friend

Bee pollen products are generally safe and effective to heighten doggie health. You can pump-up the vitality of man's best friend with a natural supplement. Your dog will benefit in the same manner as humans. His immune system will be protected.

Doggie TherapyMaybe he isn't absorbing enough vital nutrients from dog food. Honeybee products will give his fur a bright sheen. Like humans, as dogs age they may experience digestive challenges. Pure bee pollen provides doggie therapy in all these areas.

Keeping your buddy healthy and happy is a good thing. Extending his lifetime is even better.

Dog breeders have found honey bee pollen helpful for enhancement of breeding abilities.

Be mindful, dogs can be allergic too. On one hand, bee pollen can desensitize animal allergies. With time they can develop immunity to tolerate cottonwood, ragweed and other outside irritants.

However, your dog may be allergic to the bee products. You may want to consult your veterinarian. Also, read the following side effects for humans.

We Examine Side Effects

DizzinessMany natural healing practitioners recommend for desensitizing the body against local pollens. The regime should begin at least four months before hay fever season. Be mindful, you are ingesting the allergen.

Don't take a huge amount to begin. Reintroduce your body to the substance over a period of time. Start with small amount – about ¼ teaspoon. Increase in increments until your body adjusts. Optimal dose is a teaspoon daily.

In the meantime, watch for allergic symptoms. If they occur, lower the dose. When symptoms disappear, increase the dose gradually until tolerated. If symptoms do not resolve, discontinue as you may have a pollen allergy.

Signs that evidence pollen allergy are shortness of breath, rash and/or itching, swelling or dizziness. Severe reactions may cause anaphylaxis, which could be fatal.

A good point of reference is whether or not you've had an allergic reaction when stung by a bee. If bee stings have triggered a reaction, you might titrate, starting with a super-tiny amount. Stop immediately at the first sign of adverse reaction.

However, most people tolerate bee pollen well. Some may experience upset stomach and/or nausea.

Supplements may be contaminated. Commercial products could contain contaminations from air pollution and/or insecticide use. Experts suggest buying products collected from clean air sources, such as in mountain areas.

Pregnant women are cautioned against taking bee pollen. Sufficient studies to determine its safety aren't conclusive. It has been suggested the supplement could stimulate the uterus. If proven true, pregnancy might terminate.

Women who are breast-feeding should also err on side of caution. Facts are not in evidence to substantiate infant safety.

Taken by diabetics, pollen reduces insulin efficacy. Unless used under doctor supervision, diabetics should not ingest.

Bees do it – how about us?

Bee pollen serves as honeybees' primary food source. It is power-packed with vitamins, protein, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. answer the question, "yes" humans can eat it.

Children, in particular resonate with its naturally sweet taste. As an immune system supporter, stir into their juice, sprinkle over cereal or let them lick off a spoon. Do not give to children under two years of age. There is a lack of evidence to support its safety or effectiveness.

Products are available as: raw bee pollen, capsules, tablets and freeze-dried granules. They may be consumed with or without food. Many people mix pollen in shakes or juice. Others put it on cereals or sprinkle on their meal.

If you don't enjoy its sweet, but rather chalky taste, stick to tablets or capsules. Store freeze-dried granules in the refrigerator.

Now, let's investigate related bee products, including propolis and royal jelly.

We Investigate Propolis

We gathered vital facts about honeybee pollen. We discovered phenomenal benefits ranging from asthma to vitality. Now, we'll investigate propolis. You'll be intrigued to learn how hygienic and healthy bees are.

First, resins are obtained from buds and bark of trees. The bee gathers resin or bee glue. They transport it in their tiny pollen baskets. Worker bees are assigned to mix the sap and nectar with the secretions from their saliva. The end result is propolis.

Any flaws in their hives are sealed with this resin-like material. It serves as a disinfectant to deter disease. According to experts, propolis contains the most powerful antibiotic known to man!

For centuries, propolis has been effective for its therapeutic properties, such as:

  • Healing sores and ulcers.
  • Reduce swelling. (Anti-inflammatory)
  • Wound treatment.
  • Fight infections. (both viral and bacterial)
  • Antifungal.
  • Boost immune system.
  • Repairs capillaries and blood vessels.
  • Restrains histamine production.
  • Fights herpes.
  • Soothes sore throat.
  • Clears nasal congestion.

Fact: I successfully cured gingivitis, using a toothpaste containing propolis! Due to its antifungal, antibiotic and antiseptic assets propolis is proven to fight bad breath and heal gum disease. (Of course, you will need to floss too!)

We Discover Royal Jelly

Royal jelly may not originate from the fountain of youth, but it's close enough to count. It's all the Queen Bee takes as sustenance to sustain longevity. The Queen lives around 40 times longer than the ordinary honeybee.

We all know the first visible sign of aging is the skin. Collagen is usually the treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. Royal jelly contains gelatin, which is a predecessor of collagen. Which would you prefer this velvety, white liquid or costly collagen treatments?

Queen BeeLet's consider what's going on behind the scene. Arteries harden, immune systems compromise and other vital organs experience aging. A component of Royal Jelly called HAD, is believed to discourage artery obstruction.

It is vitamin B rich and contains components that maintain optimal cholesterol levels. This lowers risk of heart disease. Another of this bee product's ingredients is gamma globulin. Working in concert, all components increase immune system responses.

From lowering blood pressure and cholesterol to treating fatigue, Royal Jelly is an all-around supplement worthy of consideration.

It is available in capsule form, organic fresh royal jelly and in honey.

We Discuss a "Honey" of a Healer

No southern table is complete without a honey pot! We sopped biscuits and cornbread in honey. I even drowned black-eyed peas in it.

Without a doubt, this bee product is a honey of a healer. It zaps coughs, colds and flu. Honey added to baby's milk quells diarrhea. Mixed with lemon juice, honey coats the larynx to relieve laryngitis.

Are you trying to quit smoking? Coat dried pineapple with honey. Suck on this every time a craving to light-up hits.

Honey is:

Honey Barrel

  • Antibiotic
  • Antifungal
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-carcinogenic
  • Antiviral
  • All body tonic

Like other bee products, honey is high in proteins and energy sustaining carbs. It contains the complete spectrum of B vitamins. Honey is a valuable source of vitamins C, D, E and K.

We Select a Quality Supplement

Shopping for supplements can be a case of "buyers beware".

You cannot be assured of value received, since;

Right Bee
  • Manufacturers are responsible for their products.
  • Regulatory authorities do not assume quality control in this market.
  • Products may contain toxins.
  • Supplements may not contain the active ingredients advertised.
  • Even name brand manufacturers may not deliver on their promises.

What you need to be sure of before you purchase a bee pollen supplement:

  • Ensure that you purchase a pure bee product.
  • Is it enough bioavailable?
  • Ask For a Certificate of Analysis(COA).
  • Is Manufacturing Quality at least GMP level?
A Detailed Guide
How to Choose a Quality Bee Pollen Supplement

And the Studies Show

We're not statistically minded here. Instead, we contend the proof is in the pollen. This "food of the gods" didn't just ride in on a turnip truck! Its history can be traced back to Hippocrates a.k.a. "the father of medicine". He seriously studied the humble bee and concluded that pure pollen extended longevity.

StudentAccording to a September, 1983 study on adolescent swimmers: "upper respiratory tract infection much less in the pollen treatment group (4 days) than in the placebo group (27 days)". Also, a substantial increase in vital capacity was evidenced in the treatment group.

Do you prefer seeing hard evidence before making health decisions? Look up a study by William Robinson in 1948. He set out to prove that bee pollen therapy could postpone or prevent cancer. His mice subjects were scientifically predisposed to cancer. Seven of the pollen fed mice remained tumor-free after 62 weeks!

Here is something to ponder. Follow-up studies were never conducted.

Cancer is a killer. Excepting heart disease more people die from it than any other cause.

Reducing your risk of cancer provides an excellent impetus to include bee pollen in your health regime. Do you agree?

Benefits in a Capsule

We've examined health benefits of bee pollen and bee products at length now. Here are prime bee pollen benefits in capsule form. You may want to clip and save them.

  • Enhanced energy and endurance.
  • Strengthens immune system.
  • Improves digestive system.
  • Empowers memory.
  • Detoxifies all body systems.
  • Lowers cholesterol.
  • Antibiotic.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Anti-aging.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Inhibits growth of cancer cells.
  • Maintains healthy weight.
  • Enhances libido.
  • Promotes prostate health.
  • Rejuvenates skin.
  • And – many more.


Our little friend, the honeybee, has existed, unchanged, for millions of years. Bees deserve recognition for contributing to human's length of and quality of life.

Thank YouHowever, many people are clueless about their valuable role. Now - you aren't one of them!

You are aware to stir bee pollen granules in morning tea. You will go about your day with a lightness of being. You will have more energy than you dreamed possible. You will become a partner in your personal health decisions.

When you write your daily gratitude list – remember the busy bee – flitting from flower-to-flower – making your world a healthier place.